• An iOS app with a minimal sportswatch interface.

    FitFriend® is the best friend you can have for taking splits, interval training, or endurance. Used in running, cycling, crossfit, and any kind of cardio workout.

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Sportswatch Feel

FitFriend's interface is made to loosely resemble a sportswatch. Workout in "modes" instead of clutter!

Clean, elegant, fast. Everything you need is right there, but without the mess.


Split Timing

Take splits for interval training, tempo runs, racing, any kind of workout where your training is varied.

Splits are the best way to train for running, cycling, crossfit, triathlon, trail running, ultras, anything where interval workouts and manual splits are needed.



Use FitFriend as the best tool to workout with!

Then use Dailymile or RunKeeper to upload your workouts online. Or export the GPX file. No problems.

Mike Post

Mike Post

Founder, CTO, Marketing
Orienteering since 1989. Running since 1996. Cycling since 1997.

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Blog is found here: http://postblogism.tumblr.com/

Alison Ku

Alison Post

Running since 2008. Cycling since 2011.

Tweets are found here: http://twitter.com/Fueling4Fitness

Blog is found here: http://fuelingforfitness.tumblr.com/


"There is something cool about simplicity in running. Its clean and elegant design is hassle free and let’s you focus on running not swipes, buttons, or clutter."

The Cookie ChRUNicles

"So much in life is complicated and bogged down with details and extra information that we just don’t need. The best part about FitFriend really appears to be how SIMPLE it is. I could use more SIMPLE in my life, you too?"

Top Fitness Apps

"While some running and cycling apps may be confusing to get used to,
FitFriend takes away all irrelevant information to give its users only the information they need to track their splits."

Preppy Runner

"Bam. Open it up, hit start."